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Women With Wings (Women’s Day 2021) - Online Event organized by the Rotaract Club of IIT (24 March 2021)

Rotaract club of IIT organized an online discussion regarding Women Empowerment targeting the International Women’s Day where Without Borders was invited as a panelist as an organization that works with women and children. Sakie Ariyawansa, Co Founder of Without Borders conducted a session covering topics such as stereotyping based on gender, violence, discriminations that women go through and about reforms  that need to be brought in order to make a change.


Re-imagine Learning, Health and Technology at Sri Lanka Design Festival 2021 with Academy of Design (15,16,17 January 2021)

Without Borders partnered with the Sri Lanka Design Festival and AOD where Kavindya Thennakoon, Co Founder of Without Borders hosted a series of conversations on “Reimagination’’. We covered three domains under the themes of Learning, Healthcare, and Technology and hosted the panels that brought together change-making experts that work to bring innovation, discussion and development in the three categories. Vital topics such as policy making, sustainable learning products, e-learning approaches, mental health, breaking the stigmas and idea generation were discussed in these panels.

Re-imagine Education - Design Session at Trace City 

A design session that brought together a diverse group of researchers, activists, engineers, industry leaders, students, school administrators and educators to re-think and re-imagine education. 

Health Camp - Dehiowita (16 March 2018)

The health camp was organized by Without Borders with the assistance of our students of Idea Lab Deraniyagala. It was put together for the local community in Dehiowita to get detailed medical consultation and check ups such as blood sugar, blood pressure, vision, and ECG. A one on one counselling session on mental health and an awareness session on breast cancer was also conducted at the venue. This event was also an opportunity for the students of Idea Labs to discover their team workinging and organizing skills as  they were assigned various tasks of  this program.

Talent Show 2017

Without Borders organized a talent show to give a stage to showcase talents of the students of our Idea Lab in Deraniyagala. Singing and dancing sessions as well as an art exhibition was also a part of the event. The participants were awarded certificates for taking part in the show as a recognition of their involvement.


The Colombo Classroom - Will You Be My Teacher? (Event Series)

Without Borders believes that there is a hidden teacher in each and every one of us - along with a spark to inspire and transform others. Colombo Classroom is a concept that brings together different individuals, organizations that contribute with their expertise and skills to teach the kids for a day. Three events have been so far organized in Crescat Boulevard, Sri Lanka Exhibition (Lanka Comic Con) and Convention Center and the Good Market, Colombo.

Pen A Life (18-27 September 2015)

This crowd-writing attempt to write three stories of inspiration based on 3 characters of youngsters from the grassroots of Deraniyagala Learning Facility of Without Borders which is an eye opener to a whole new dimension of positive change summoned through words. The event was organized at the International Book Fair Colombo 2015. 

International Volunteer Day (5 December 2015)

IVD is mandated by the UN General Assembly. This International Day is a chance for volunteers and organizations to celebrate their efforts, to share their values, and to promote their work among their communities. Without Borders was a part of this event where we talked to the visitors on the projects we do and  the change we believe in. Our volunteer Ishara Naotunna was a speaker at the event and she enlightened the crowd regarding capacity building, leadership and innovative thinking.

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