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An e-learning series that covers the main topics of Inspire Lab (sexual and reproductive health, violence and emotional wellbeing) and launched as 1-2 minute video sessions on YouTube. This series aims at raising awareness on the topics that are generally not discussed openly in the local context. It is  also accompanied with an activity pack which gives the viewer the opportunity to practise the learning through worksheets and support material for daily use. The videos are played in the two local languages Sinhala and Tamil with English subtitles so that it is accessible and effective for the use of all local communities. A motive of Without Borders is to connect education to digital spaces which we believe is fulfilled through this e-learning series. Given the current pandemic situation where most educational institutes have converted their learning spaces into a virtual mode, we trust that this initiative is flexible, convenient and effective for everyone regardless of their location, and also encourages the viewers to become comfortable with using a device to broaden their learning capabilities.

Taking education to digital space

Inspire Lab 

E-Learning Series (YouTube) 

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