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Accelerating leadership



Inspire Lab is a leadership accelerator focused on sexual reproductive health, emotional resilience, violence and design-focused change targeted at training young women from at-risk communities to become trailblazing change agents. We fiercely believe that young women who come from such positions of trauma and hardship, when connected with the needed resources, skills and a strong support system have the unfathomable potential to drive change within their own communities.


The project was generously supported by the Pan Asia Women's Association and our other partners included The Warehouse Project, Sammuthana, Sri Lanka Unites and MAS Innovation with the venue. Our first cohort of trainees have now graduated. The training was a year-long program conducted for 40 participants in Colombo for urban area at-risk communities. We redesigned our model of training then, into a two-day session for participants residing in rural areas who are unable to travel to Colombo. The sessions are coordinated through divisional secretariats, schools, and youth clubs in the respective areas. 


We gather an understanding regarding the effectiveness of the program through the feedback given by the participants.

400+ participants have been trained and graduated under Inspire Lab so far.

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